‘Let’s find a word in the Qur’an’… How we’ve used the cards.

Just lov this idea! “Guilded dunya ” is so inspirational. I hope to in sha Allah be able to follow in her steps to encourage my children to love Islam in its’ true essence.

Gilded Dunya


It was last Ramadan that I had seen this brilliant post by Parenthood: Muslim Style I loved the idea and wondered why I hadn’t thought of something so amazing (because Sara and I like to joke about being doppelgängers – private joke filled with sisterhood love).

I loved how 30 simple words were picked from the Quran, words children very easily can relate to and words that are short and simple. Somewhere in my mind, I even thought about how many of them I actually knew myself.

Yusra was a little young to take part in the activity last year so I didn’t print the cards off.

Later on in the year when Yusra started showing an interest in recognising words such as ‘Ahad’ ‘Rahim’ amongst a few others – I thought about this activity. Although initially designed as a 30 day Ramadan activity , it is perfect to use…

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Birthday for memories.

And the first birthday arrived Alhamdulilah. I like any other mother wanted my baby ‘s first birthday to be grand and memorable but my ‘Big Boss’ aka the husband had other plans. I hate to admit it but he was right, our lil’Sherni’ as he calls her, wouldn’t remember her birthday and hence he discouraged a grand birthday. He said he would do it when she asked him herself.

Nonetheless I wanted to do a first birthday for memories and so I did. Hence began the preparations.

I wanted to work with corals, peaches, pinks and purple,a very girly theme. I got a lot of colored crepe paper and did some DIY Pom poms for the cake table. They are just so gratifying to make you cannot believe and so easy. Those of you planning to make inexpensive decorations should definitely try it out. Thereafter I got some light and dark pink balloons with hints of orange to add some contrast to the pinks and purple,warm colors always lift my mood.image.jpeg

And then I did the cake with light orange and pink buttercream and with hints of off-white to add some more interest to the cake. It was a vanilla pound cake with cream and orange marmalade filling just as my husband likes it and it tasted lovely.image

And the end result. I was so pleased Alhamdulilah.


And not to forget the baby girls matching outfit. I love love love them. The skirt is from The children’s place and the polka dot romper from H&M. imageThanks for reading. 🙂

Say bye bye to dry skin

Hey guys. Been so long. I had a baby girl MA sha Allah:D and I cannot begin to explain how busy and tired and exhausted and over joyed I have been. She is such a blessing Alhamdulilah:) the lil’ baby hand and feet are to to die for!!!!! I cannot stop showering her with love. Nonetheless let’s get back to our post.

So as you know I live in Saudia Arabia and the weather here is super dry and to top it off the saline water damages your hair and skin and makes it way too rough and my skin is extremely sensitive. I cannot begin to explain! Anything that touches my skin makes it pop! I drool over peoples amazing skin and I just cannot have that kind of skin but my desire for it continues.
So recently I have been massaging my baby’s skin with almond oil mixed in a few drops of cold water to make a mousse. And it has been moisturising her skin so well now. (Her skin is sensitive too). And one day I decided to try it out on my skin. Mind you I am always too scared to try anything but you won’t believe it how nourished my skin looks and not to forget I have been gulping down bottles of water because I feed my baby and that too has helped my skin.
And recently there has been such a craze for essential oils that I decided to use the oil without even mixing it in water. Just a few drops and my skin is glowing. Try it in your hair too. It softens it and gives it a shine.
You guys have to try it!!! Get the natural 100% sweet almond oil. It is a blessing!!!!imagePicture courtesy: Google


Make-up removers are just magic. At least some of them are. Over a course of 5 years I have experimented with 3 eye make-up removers. Which is quite less but I didn’t exactly know that 5 years down the line I was going to be writing a post :p So we have Maybelline’s Expert Eyes for washable eye make-up , Estee Lauder’s gentle eye make-up remover and Sephora’s Waterproof eye make-up remover.

Maybelline Expert eye make-up remover for washable eye make-up:

Courtesy: Google Images

This remover isn’t tough on the eye make-up. It requires at least 2-3 attempts to completely get rid of the smoky eyes and heavy mascara. It’s a good buy for those who wear light make-up. It’s priced at $4.65 but personally I would not purchase this ever again. It dries up very quickly on the eye-pad and even dries up your eyes slightly.

Estee  Lauder:

Courtesy: Google Images

This remover is very gentle and the quantity is just perfect for those who wear make-up regularly. It goes 1,2,3…poof literally even on the heaviest of make-ups but the price is a bit steep compared to the other two. Its priced at $20 but again the important part is that its gentle on the eye and the remover does not evaporate too quickly. I wouldn’t purchase it on my own because of the price but I got lucky since I got it as a present and I really do love it.
Sephora water proof eye make-up remover:

Courtesy: Google Images

I really love this eye remover. It is just soooo quick. You place the wet eye pad on your eye, count to 3 and swipe. The make-up just disappears. The best part is that it doesn’t dry up on the eye pad so you can use the same eye pad to remove the little traces on the same eye without having to pour out more. And the make-up doesn’t even spread however dark it is. There are two immiscible liquids in there but they do the job so well. The downside is that it might finish a little quickly but honestly I appreciate that about cosmetics because that just means you do not feel guilty into purchasing more. This comes in three sizes. Their website claims it has lash-strengthening formula and is suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. I have to agree that it is very gentle on the eye and does not irritate it all. The price range is between $ 7-14 depending on the size. I got the smallest one as I wanted to experiment this out but I have to say from now on its my go to remover. I just love it!

Hope this post helps you guys out in selecting a remover.

Toodles 🙂

‘Benefit in a kit’


You guys have to see the packaging of this kit. It is adorableeee!!! It comes in a hardback book format. And as you can see the kit also comes in 3 skin shades.


The set has its famous Porefessional ( totally love the witty name!!), the Hello Flawless foundation, the Boi-ing Concealer in two colours and the Hello Flawless custom powder cover-up in Champagne (Me, Vain?) and a useless flat brush that one could probably use for contouring or practically nothing.

The packaging comes with a few tips and tricks on how to use the particular items.



I just loved the feel of the Porefessional. Its a primer to prep up the skin before applying the foundation for a smooth cover. Although it doesn’t minimise all your pores but it smoothens out most of them. I would definitely purchase this primer again.


Secondly, you have the Hello Flawless Foundation. Mine came in a light colour ( ivory) although i thought medium would have been perfect for me. I was so hesitant when I wore it first but after a few minutes I felt it oxidised and became closer to my skin colour. So I would suggest if you do purchase it get a lighter shade than your skin colour and let it oxidise to your tone. But go for the closest lighter shade. The texture was so smooth. I applied it directly with my fingers. They say its called ‘Oxygen Wow’ because your skin breathes after you apply it. Well it does because you honestly do not even feel the weight of the foundation but I felt my foundation after a while became slightly shiny and dewy. I prefer matte. Because of this I might be hesitant about repurchasing the foundation but those who do not mind packing on the face powder or the shiny, “brightening”, look it would work well for them.

The best part is that it comes in a variety of shades so buying a shade  similar to yours should not be an issue.


Loved the texture of this Boi-ing concealer. The kit gives you two shades but it comes in a minimum of 5 shades in their series. The concealer is so smooth but yes it doesn’t conceal perfectly in one coat. You have to apply 2-3 coats for really dark marks. But since it comes in two colours with the set you can easily mix around. This is also perfect for people with varying skin tones. Mix and match and play around with your concealer. I would love to purchase it again.


Lastly, we have the Hello Flawless custom powder cover-up in Champagne (Me, Vain?). It also comes in a variety of colours which is a great thing. But I would have taken the shade Beige instead for myself. I just thought Champagne made my skin fairer than it was. Personally, I am not big on face powders but since it came with the set I did use it. The texture was very smooth and if you are wearing their ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow’ foundation you would definitely need this to settle down the dewiness and the brightening effect a bit if you aren’t a big fan of it. As for the cover-up powder I would like to purchase it if I want to wear powder in my life. Its a good buy.

My suggestion, get the kit. It is so much more fun to use these items in a set and you do get a variety of products together. The quantity is just perfect. The best part about the products I felt was that a little goes a long way. Trust me it will last you quite a few uses for you to be able to decide what you love the best. And their marketing strategy with the absolutely adorable and witty product line adds excitement to a girls make-up selection.

At the end I should mention about my crazy, sensitive skin type. It is so difficult for me to find products for myself that do not make me break out. I have always been very picky. But I was so shocked that Alhamdulilah my skin did not break out at all on using any of these products and I will definitely purchase Benefit products again.

Hope you all loved the review. 🙂


P.s: Just wanted to thank Google for the
pictures. The kit that I selected for myself was the light one since they were out of medium then. Hence the colours visible in the kit were the ones i got and the single pictures of the foundation, concealer and the cover-up powder are not the shades from the box. They are just there to give you a closer look of the packaging.


Everest” that’s a drama to watch these days. Its aired on Star Plus HD daily at I think 730-8pm ksa time I.e GMT +3. (Timings I could be wrong about but it comes within this time slot +/- half hour). It is about a confident, strong-willed, determined girl who’s aim is to climb the Everest. It is shot in the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and between India and Nepal. The view is beautiful and this ‘telenovela’ is such a breath of fresh air from the usual dramas. The sound track is done by A.R Rehman and its’ his first time composing for a television series. I am adding a wiki link so please do check it out. Might I say the production quality is also so much better than their previous dramas.

Don’t get me wrong I am an avid viewer of Pakistani Hum TV dramas but recently I haven’t taken fancy to any of the dramas except for “Shanakht” and “Mehram” since their stories were slightly different from the usual. Another drama of interest is “Sadqay Tumharay” but that I watch only because of Mahira Khan and the romance and also because I am glad they retained the time period. It just made the story so much more heart felt and authentic, I believe.
Another drama that caught my eye is Mehreen Jabbar’s “Jackson Height” on Urdu1. This story revolves around the lives of overseas Pakistani’s in Jackson height in New York. A desi dominated ‘ilaqah’, has some light hearted comedy and some very difficult times for Pakistani’s but it does paint a true picture for many since its not exactly always very rosy for some people while others are very blessed and fortunate to have a good life there Alhamdulilah.

I am linking two of the dramas but please do watch Everest. I vouch for the fact that many from the younger generation will enjoy this show.

Toodles for today.


Jackson Heights: